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We have a large range of RWS hunting ammuntion for almost every need as well as premium rimfire target and hunting ammuntion and air pellets ammunition at Forbes Wholesale. We offer calibres that can be hard to find elsewhere. We largely supply to licensed gun dealers, as well as retail to end users. Our ammunition & firearms are sold through licensed gun dealers throughout Australia. Ammunition cannot be posted and must be road freighted, We have stockists in a range of locations throughout the country.

We are specialist gun dealers, our main activities focus on the supply of ammuntion and firearms for the target shooter and hunters.

We also offer the new range of Geco rifle and pistol ammuntion, this product is produced by RWS to a lesser standard of finish with more basic projectiles than the Premium Line ammunition from RWS. Geco ammuntion is available in popular calibres for the hunter and pistol shooter, there is also rimfire standard velocity ammuntion for practice shooting and a limited range of air pellets.

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